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All of our boarders enjoy regular group and private lessons to build skills for horse and rider in the three phases of eventing: dressage, show jumping and cross country.


We offer group and private lessons for kids and adults of all levels on our several lesson horses, as well as leases on select lesson and boarder horses. We also welcome haul-in riders for weekly lessons.

Lessons typically focus on a mix of flatwork and jumping, with each session customized based on the experience of horse and rider.

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We work with horses at every level to be the best partner for their riders. Whether a young, off-the-track thoroughbred or a been-there-done-that pony, we believe every horse can benefit from professional training to develop skills and improve performance.

Training programs are customized depending on the unique needs of each individual horse and owner - this could be an intensive commitment with multiple rides per week to build key skills or a few sessions each month to help horses better understand what's being asked of them by their owners.

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We know that showing can be an exciting but sometimes stressful time for even the most seasoned horse and rider, but we're committed to making sure our clients feel confident and capable of achieving their competition goals.

We offer daily or weekend competition coaching at many local schooling and regional recognized shows throughout the year. This service include pre-ride review of each phase, warm-up ring coaching and post-competition debrief, as well as optional support for transportation, lodging and photography.

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We also offer several other services to our riders and owners, including:

  • Marketing and selling your current horse

  • Evaluating and purchasing a new horse

  • Post-injury rehabilitation programs in partnership with your vet

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