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Head Trainer, Skyline Equestrian

Joanne was born with a “horse gene”. Her first memories are of her stuffed donkey and horse Skyrocket. Her parents patiently waited for her to outgrow this phase, but it never happened. A family move at 16 finally allowed her to get her first horse. She rode through high school and competed on her collegiate equestrian team.

Her training and riding focuses on three day eventing. She enjoys the challenges of trying to excel in three very different phases of this incredible sport: dressage, show jumping and cross country. Over the years, she's worked with many horses, including taking her homebred Harley to the intermediate level, working on third-level dressage with his nephew Teko and now bringing her new OTTB named Bak through the levels.

Over the last 35 years, she's worked with kids and adults of all ages and skill levels and loves to see the bonds that develop a rider and their equine friend.

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All her life, Delaney has understood and embraced the special challenges and immense rewards of training green horses. She’s currently working with several off-the-track thoroughbreds, including her own High Caliber, a 12-year-old, 17.3 hand chestnut gelding and Jordy, a 7-year-old rescue gelding. 

Delaney graduated in 2017 from Pacific University with a Bachelor’s degree in integrated physiology and exercise science. This deep understanding of the body’s composition and movement helps guide her own riding and those she trains.

Delaney debuted in her first horse show at the age of five and has been competing ever since. Delaney has had the opportunity to be a working student for four-star rider Anne Collier of Vossenberg Farm and work with John Camlin of Caber Farm, competing several different horses, including making her debut at the 2* level at The Event at Rebecca Farm and winning 2nd place in the Intermediate Division at Caber Farms Horse Trials in 2019. 



Assistant Trainer, Skyline Equestrian

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